Litter Box Avoicance: The Causes.

litter box

Whether your cat sprays urine for territory marking purposes or just because she/he seems to be enjoying it. It leads to the same result, an unpleasant urine smell that in order to get rid of it, you will have to detect the urine spot first. But, you can not do it forever, you need to make your cat use his/her litter box.

Getting to know the reasons behind litter box avoidance is the first part of the solution. As a cat owner, you need to observe your cat's behavior and report any changes to the veterinarian as he stands to be the first to be consulted. As a specialist, he is the one capable of giving a diagnosis of this behavioral problem. However, there are proven and common causes related to the litter box and here I am stating some of them along with the steps to be taken:

·         Medical Causes: You must take your cat to a VET.
·         Cleanness of the box: You have to clean the litter box very often. Try to remove soiled litter every day, change the litter once a week and wash the litter pan;
·         The box size: Check if the litter box isn't too small for your cat;
·         The litter box accessibility: Check and/or try to change the place of the box;
·         The smell or texture of the box when it is a new one;
·         The litter : Check if it is at least two inches thick, cats don't like it too deep in the box. Try also to change the type of the litter;
·         The box place: If your cat prefers to urinate in a specific area in your house, try to place the litter box in that area;
·         Stress and Fear: Your cat may be stressed by events in your household, like adding a new pet or moving.Also, fear might be the cause when she/he links the area where the box is placed, to an unpleasant or traumatic experience;
·         Use an enzyme cleaner to clean urine spots so your cat will not be tempted to use the same spot again;

If all the tricks failed to make your cat use the litter box, the best thing to do is consulting a VET. As an option, there are some guides which consist in applying a step by step system to eradicate this issue once for all. I recommand the Cat Spraying No More as it helped me too with my cat.

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